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Attention to detail is everything!                                                                                                                        Interior or Exterior the details are what gives Paintco the edge over the competition. The prep that goes into every job is the foundation of the finished product. Cleaning, sanding, priming, caulking, taping and masking are all the steps we often go through before ever painting. Attention to prep is often overlooked but can't be underestimated.  Let Paintco show you why our work is Simply Better!


Interior                                                                      Painting your Interior with a fresh coat of paint or a new color can make a house feel brand new again. We love to see how happy our customers are with the finished product. Referrals and additional work are the foundation of a good business. To get called back for additional work or a referral to a family member or a friend is the ultimate reward for a job well done.               The Key to Success    Interior painting is often times more complicated and demanding on painters. Protecting floors and furniture. Controlling dust and over spray. Picking the right colors and using the right products. Coordinating the best time and sequence of each job is also often times unique to each house and customer. Experience and thoughtful planing is the key.


Painting the Exterior of your house is exciting and critical to the integrity of your home. The value of your home can be greatly increased with a new coat of paint. Painting not only makes it look better but protects the house from the elements. Neglected homes are subject to water damage and can develop problems very quickly.  Regular inspection of your home by a qualified painter can save you a lot of headaches.                                     Exterior Painting has it's own set of challenges. Navigating around your favorite roses, trees and shrubs. Working around windows with awkward ladders! Controlling over spray!  All things a home owner should be concerned about with their contractor.                                                                                                      

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